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If you need skin care services from a qualified dermatologist in Sun City/Menifee, CA, visit Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists. We provide quality skin care services to So Cal residents, and we understand how important it is to have healthy, attractive skin. Our professional dermatologists are experienced and can treat many skin disorders.
The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it protects you from germs and other dangers. But when your skin becomes compromised, the health of your whole body could be at risk. This fact is why skin care is about more than just looking good. Healthy skin is your body’s first line of defense against illnesses.
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We can help you tackle a wide variety of skin ailments, such as acne, scars, moles, sun damage, and warts. We also can treat more delicate issues, such as skin ulcers, herpes, and psoriasis. In addition, we provide cosmetic care, including Botox and laser vein treatments, to keep your skin looking young and fresh.
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To learn more about the skin care services we offer and how we can help you with almost any skin problem, call our Sun City location at (951) 303-6900.